MCU President Kevin Feige Discusses Netflix’s “Defenders” Characters Returns

Marvel Studios’ universe continues to grow, as Kevin Feige discusses having the Netflix series’ fates in his powerful hands.

Disney‘s growing tent of properties has blown up bigger than ever. Phase 4 and beyond now promises the semi-connected Spider-Man characters, while formally welcoming The X-Men and The Fantastic Four. But many fans have been wondering where that leaves the NetflixDefenders” properties.

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Iron Fist have finally been freed from their legal production rights, and are looking for a new home. Luckily, the MCU might just make room at the grand table for the crew. Kevin Feige recently discussed the hopeful details in an interview:

“Well, certainly you’ve seen what we announced at Comic-Con a year and half ago and on Disney Investor Day a few weeks ago, so that’s our focus, but I’ve been at Marvel long enough to never say never about anything.”

Via: Deadline

Previously, the shows were loosely in the MCU, like the Sony Universe films will be: they referenced plot details from the universe that related to the characters, but the characters couldn’t actually appear in official MCU films. Now, Marvel‘s adoption of time travel and the multiverse, in particular, make almost anything possible again.

Spider-Man 3 may be of particular interest to fans of the characters. The casting implies a hard lean on the multiverse, with the likes of Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus and Jaime Foxx’s Electro returning in some fashion. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is set to assist the Web-Head, further implying an open door for multiple Marvel dimensions.

But Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s ending is where Cox’s Matt Murdock may yet come into play for the sequel. As the Wall-Crawler‘s identity has now been exposed, his fellow New Yorker, superhero, lawyer friend may just lend a hand at clearing his name. While just a theory, Feige’s comments paint an interesting picture for the fan-favored crossover to actually occur.

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