Lucasfilm Drops Star Wars Games Sizzle Trailer

Yesterday, Lucasfilm Games united all past, present, and future Star Wars games under its new brand name. The company also dropped a fresh, new trailer with the announcement, and we’re here to break it all down!

“Lucasfilm Games Sizzle” Via: Star Wars

Epic moments permeate every corner of the video. To start, Cal Kestislightsaber flashes across the screen. After a brief fade, a Rebel Squadron prepares for flight. Finally, Lego Rey hones her Jedi skills on Ahch-To.

EA’s Battlefront II, Fortnite, and The Sims 4 all also get sprinkled in throughout the rest of the remaining minute of the tantalizing trailer. From shooters, to piloting-sims, to MMORPG‘s like Star Wars: The Old Republic, the entire galaxy of content is celebrated from start to finish.

What’s your favorite Star Wars game? Let us know in the comments!

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