“Pokemon: Sword and Shield’s” Crown Tundra DLC Launches This Week And All Legendaries Have A 100% Catch Rate

The legendary Pokemon in “Crown Tundra” will surprisingly have a 100% catch rate.

Pokemon: Sword and Shield‘s second expansion, Crown Tundra releases this Thursday October 22nd. The expansion will feature new story missions. new Pokemon, and a brand new location for trainers to explore. With more Pokemon returning to the game, that also includes past legendary Pokemon. It was recently confirmed that all returning legendary Pokemon will have 100% percent catch rate.

Unfortunately, you won’t have the opportunity to catch a million Palkia as trainers will be limited to just one of each legendary Pokemon. Thankfully, you will be able to trade for these Legendaries; so if for some reason you want a full team of Latios, then all you have to do is trade for them.

Getting an opportunity to catch your favorite legendary Pokemon won’t be easy though. In order to face the legendary, you’ll have to go through a small gauntlet of battles to face them. You will be put against three Dynamax Pokemon and damage taken in the battles will be carried over to the next; the same goes for PP. No worries though, there will be trainers around that will gladly lend you a hand and make sure you are prepared for the next battle. Once you’ve completed your three battles, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to catch the legendary Pokemon.

You can check out the trailer for Crown Tundra below:

Source: Nintendo Life