Walmart to Host Drive-In Movie Theaters Across the Country Via Partnership with Tribeca

Retail giant Walmart is teaming up with Tribeca Enterprise to deliver over 300 films at their locations across the country from August to October!

There’s nothing quite like your first trip to the drive-in. You pull up nervously trying to find a spot, and you take a trip over to the concessions stand to pick up your Goobers, Dr. Pepper and extra-buttered popcorn. You get back to your car, recline the seat back just right, get a quick mouthful of Goobers, set the radio station, toss back a second mouthful of Goobers and let yourself get lost in the ride. For some, it was a rite of passage back in the day; for others, it was a reminder of their first date with special someone.

That’s why with the coronavirus pandemic still rearing its ugly head and straining movie theaters around the country, Walmart and Tribeca Enterprise teamed up to help us get our cinema fix while theaters remain shut down. Walmart will host a touring series of drive-in movies in 160 different Walmart parking lot locations.

Drive-in movie theaters have shot up in popularity over the past two to three months due to COVID-19 restrictions. Many pre-established drive-ins across the country are open and doing a great business. However, there aren’t that many left throughout the country (around 320). That’s why this Walmart tour of drive-in movies is a really great idea, especially for those who have never experienced the magic of the drive-in before.

Walmart posted this statement via their official drive-in website:

“This family-friendly night will include hit movies, special appearances from filmmakers and celebrities and concessions delivered right to customer vehicles.”

No one ever said that the Walmart parking lot is the perfect location to watch a movie, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers! The drive-in experience isn’t about surround sound speakers or having the seats shake whenever an explosion goes off. Drive-ins are a far more intimate experience considering you don’t have to worry about crying babies or people squished up against you trying to steal the armrest the entire time.

Showings will begin in August and run until sometime in October. The drive-in tour will consist of a combined 320 presentations across 160 Walmart locations.

Whether you like Walmart as a company or not, you can’t deny that this is a pretty cool move and will be greatly appreciated by us cinephiles! Once the specific locations are announced, I highly recommended you take a drive out and experience some movie magic–it’s been way too long.