More Unlockable Costumes for “Marvel’s Avengers” Have Just Been Revealed

More skins from “Marvel’s Avengers” are revealed.

IGN has recently revealed unlockable costumes for Marvel’s Avengers.

The upcoming Avengers game seems keen on giving players customization. We have already seen a few skins for the game like the Secret Empire skin for Captain America and the Original Sin skin for Iron Man. Today, IGN revealed a whole list of new skins that will appear in the game.

Here they are:

Iron Man’s Original Sin Outfit

Iron Man’s Iconic Outfit

Iron Man’s Starboost Outfit

Iron Man’s Stark Tech Outfit

Hulk’s Joe Fixit Outfit

Hulk’s Unhinged Outfit

Hulk’s Broken Outfit

Hulk’s Iconic Outfit

Thor’s Frostwalker Outfit

Thor’s War Cry Outfit

Thor’s Iconic Outfit

Thor’s Samaritan Outfit

Black Widow’s Tactical Outfit

Black Widow’s Lethal Outfit

Black Widow’s Iconic Outfit

Black Widow’s Twilight Outfit

Kamala Khan’s Super Fan Outfit

Kamala Khan’s Iconic Outfit

Kamala Khan’s Jersey Girl Outfit

Kamala Khan’s Stark Tech Outfit

These skins will be unlockable in game and add another layer of customization that the game already has a lot of.

Marvel’s Avengers is set to release on September 4, 2020.