Sci-Fi Survival Game “Icarus” Teaser Trailer Released

Sci-fi survival game “Icarus” was shown off at the 2020 PC Gaming Show. Are you ready to earn your fortune off-world?

Rocketwerkz showed gameplay footage of their new game, Icarus, at the 2020 PC Gaming Show.

Icarus is a sci-fi survival game that is reminiscent of No Man’s Sky, The Outer Worlds and Conan Exiles with a little bit of The Forest thrown in for the horror aspect of the game.

With lush, explorable planets and plenty of fauna to hunt, along with access to the resources necessary to build bases, you’ll spend many days in real life completing the session-based gameplay. Depending on how long the session lasts for, you may need to make multiple trips back to your PC over several days.

The synopsis from Rocketwerkz official website:

An alien world for the taking. Explore, survive and make your fortune. Or die trying.

A resource-rich frontier world has opened up for human exploration and exploitation, where hopefuls claim prospects for a limited time to mine for exotic resources.

Icarus is a free-to-play, multiplayer co-operative survival game. While navigating each prospect’s unique challenges, players must collect meta-resources to permanently progress, create advanced technologies and take on longer missions.

Harsh environments demand an envirosuit, regular oxygen, food and water, shelter and constant attention. The wildlife is easily provoked, and your plans may need to change on the fly. Take the resources you find back up to orbit to craft advanced technology for your drop, either with a crew or solo.

Use your time wisely or be left empty-handed or even left behind. Calculate the risks, stretch your endurance and resources. How far are you willing to go?

Icarus will release on Steam for PC but as of yet has no confirmed release date.