“Hitman III” Announcement Trailer Reveals January 2021 Release Date

The Sony PlayStation 5 event revealed that Hitman III will be released in January 2021. In a stunning trailer that could be mistaken for a big-budget thriller, the game showed Agent 47 in a wide array of locations.

Beginning with a noir-style flashback sequence, the trailer then features Agent 47 speaking as the camera looks up through dimly lit trees, revealing the stunning beauty of the peaceful landscape. Agent 47 opens a calmly creepy monologue with the phrase, “It was always going to end like this.”

The trailer shows Agent 47 taking out numerous targets in the woods, overlaid with brief glimpses of other characters and scenarios. The trailer defiantly displays a wide color range, from dark photorealistic trees to a vibrant club scene.

Without question, Agent 47 is back, looking more stunningly real than ever before. “Only death awaits” for all NPCs in Hitman III in January on the brand-new PlayStation 5.

Source: Game Informer

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