[Review] “Solar Opposites” pokes fun at microcosms with promising future

A review of Justin Roiland’s new satirical sci-fi cartoon adventure
L-R: Jesse, Korvo, Terry, Yumyulack, and Pupa via IndieWire

Justin Roiland has released another sci-fi cartoon. The Hulu exclusive has become the second-most watched title on the streaming service on the full seven-day weekly chart despite only being in it’s fifth day after release according to Deadline.

The success of the show is from the creative team behind the beloved Rick and Morty show aimed at a mature satirical cartoon.


Like most Roiland cartoons the story shouldn’t be completely focused upon since so much of it is ridiculous adventures full of adult humor.

The basic premise is that two aliens named Korvo and Terry crash landed on earth with their two duplicates after their planet faced destruction. It’s basic plot is fun even though the series seems to not have a resolution in sight.

Overall the feel of it is very Rick and Morty-esq with Korvo being like Rick with genius technological abilities and Terry being like Morty except he is purposefully messing with Korvo instead of accidentally like Morty.

With a solid goal for the characters it seems a little more story driven than Rick and Morty but it still manages to feel like stated show.


Korvo is a genius who is constantly stressed out by Terry’s misdoings giving his character a repetitive problem in each episode. Korvo’s adventures are practically of him trying to repair the ship to find a less populated planet to inhabit.

Terry is an alien who’s so excited to learn about human culture and really excited to fit in. He continues to make funny jokes about large pop-culture influences which is entertaining.

Korvo and Terry’s duplicate are really interesting and much like their parent-like figures one wants to get out of there and one wants to try to be normal. Korvo’s duplicate is actually voiced by Sean Giambrone, mostly known as Adam Goldberg from The Goldbergs. I didn’t find Terry’s duplicate very interesting at all so I have nothing to say about her.


It’s jokes and wild adventures don’t feel completely unlike it’s counterpart in Rick and Morty but I feel the lack of absurd aliens(minus our main characters) is a good thing.

I give this TV show a