Huntress Concept Art Reveals Comic Accurate Costume in Birds Of Prey

In February this year, Warner Bros. brought some of DC Comics iconic characters to the big screen with one of them being Helena Bertinelli a.k.a the Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). There have been a few iterations of her and Birds of Prey doesn’t disappoint. The way they wrote the character was awesome and so was her costume. Her costume in the movie was a fresh new look for the character, but did you know it almost turned out differently? According to a tweet from Greg Hopwood, a concept artist for the film, her costume looked almost accurate to the comics.

“The character behind her is that she’s always about function, and someone who’s on a mission, and does not want to be distracted by outside sources,” says Erin Benach, Costume designer for the film. “Huntress is focused and she is sort of all business, and she’s super focused on the job at hand. We wanted to create something really functional for her, and also fashion-forward and cool. So we kind of created this tracksuit that you’ll see that she has many different tracksuits throughout the film.” I agree with Benach, Huntress’ costume isn’t super flashy, it’s cool and it fits her character perfectly.

This concept art looks amazing and you can definitely see all the differences compared the suit used in the movie. I think one of the more notable differences is the mask, that mask looks amazing and it’s almost completely identical to the comics. Some other differences are the top she is wearing, which is long sleeved compared to the sleeveless top she wore in the movie, and the cross iconography, which wasn’t there on her outfit in the movie. Also, her hair is longer in the concept art and that helps give off the more comic accurate look.

Birds of Prey is an incredible movie and the costume department did phenomenal on not only Huntress’ outfit but on all of the characters costumes. It was really cool to see them put their own fresh take on the characters while still maintaining that comic accuracy. What are your thoughts on the Huntress concept art? Would you rather this look or the one we got in the movie? Tell us in the comments!

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