DC Comics Set To Hit Shelves Again Before the End Of April

DC Comics set to start distribute comics before end of April.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies have experienced temporary shutdowns, including Diamond Comics Distributors with whom DC Comics distributes their products. However, a recent announcement made by DC revealed that their comics will be returning to shelves before the end of April thanks to alternative distribution methods.

DC also announced amendments to the release schedule offering a smaller number of titles at first to help ease retailers into ordering once again.

Diamond Comics Distributors has addressed plans to resume distribution in mid-to-late May, sooner than most publishers in the industry. This change in schedule means new comic book day will (most likely temporarily) change from Wednesdays to Tuesdays due to when most non-specialty retailers receive their deliveries.

New comics from DC will be made available from April 28th, 2020.