Apex Legends ‘Old Ways’ and Permanent Return to King’s Canyon and Duos

A new limited time event and a permanent return to the classic map, Apex Legends delivers come April 7th

Dropping on April 7th, Bloodhound’s Old Ways Event, will last through April 21st. These events are great at giving it’s fans more background to their characters in a pure Battle Royale game that has no campaign, giving us a sense of connection to the story. The events also adds changes to gameplay that is always welcomed and lets the developers see what works.

But the sneaky BIG news is that fan favorites King’s Canyon and Duos mode will be making a permanent residence on the menu. Fans have been asking for it and Apex is giving it to us. Skull Town, Pit, Bunker, Artillery…get ready.

Bloodhound’s Trials – Town Takeover

“Dive into Bloodhound’s Trials, where you and your squad battle against a hoard of prowlers and claim high-tier loot as your reward,”

via Respawn Entertainment

In the new Town Takeover, we get a taste of Bloodhound’s backstory. Unleashed on World’s Edge is a hoard of prowlers (not the weapon, but vicious beasts) for our legends to hunt and loot. But of course, beware of enemy legend squads waiting to dispatch you and your squad.

As always, new events come with new loot and exclusive skins. Thanks to Apex Legend’s latest news, we know what and when is coming during the events.

Gamers of its early days will notice skins from the “Beast of the Hunt’’ event with a new color scheme. As usual, these skins will be active during the event. Some might stay, most will be gone. Use your credits wisely.

Get the squad together, come April 7th, the King’s Canyon will be packed and World’s Edge will be crawling with prowlers. Time for the age old question.

”Where we dropping boys?”