[REVIEW] “Call of Duty: Warzone”

Fans of battle royale platforms and Call of Duty fanatics can now come together and enjoy the same multiplayer experience.

Call of Duty released its action-packed battle royale game mode for players across the world. Fans of battle royale platforms and Call of Duty fanatics can now come together and enjoy the same multiplayer experience.

The Battle Royale

The Battle Royale game mode is largely fun with a huge lobby with a unique game experience. The game takes the Hunger Games aspect of Fortnite and combines it with the riveting first-person shooter aspect of Call of Duty.

The gameplay is smooth with a really awesome experience of looting crates but also being able to use custom classes. This creates a sense of taking the game into your own hands using your go-to class from multiplayer, but you can also depend on finding good weapons in crates across the map.

The map is really fun and has quite a few parts to it, making landing zones less crowded in one specific area. We see that in Fortnite a big chunk of players would land in Twisted Towers and the city would be overflowing with users, while in Warzone you can drop at Dam, Airport, Downtown or Hospital and find relatively the same number of people, depending on where the circle begins. All parts of the map mesh really well together in a world connected with an array of vehicles for you or the squad to ride in.

The gulag is an aspect of the game where after you first die in game you get a chance to earn redeployment. This feature makes players faceoff in a 1v1 gunfight to earn a spot back into the battlefield.

The Battle Royale is challenging yet fairly easy to get a grasp on. The game is unique with the traditional Call of Duty feel. I really enjoy Battle Royale as it’s one of the best of its genre.


Plunder is a game mode featured with Warzone that gives players a game mode where the main goal is killing . . . well kinda.

Plunder is a game where the squad’s main goal is to rack up money. You can find money like usual in crates across the map, except the cash is much more than usual, as $25,000 is easy to find. As your team finds more money you begin to be worth more and more where hunting other teams becomes a constant goal. The top teams are marked on the map so that you may hunt them down and collect money based on how high they were on the leaderboard.

The other aspect of the game is where squads can extract what money that they have so that if they die they can pick up right where they left off. The extraction part brings a facet of strategizing to the game mode where your goal is to earn a certain amount of money.

Plunder is extremely fast-paced and is less tactic based as it’s more about rushing and killing other squads and quickly climbing the leaderboard. It’s a exciting original idea that can be really fun if you have teammates. Plunder overall is pretty fun but the game mode needs to iron out some the smaller details for players.

I expect Call of Duty to release more game modes into Warzone in the coming months to keep new members entertained and on a rotation of Call of Duty play.