Matt Reeves Drops First Look Of ‘The Batmobile’

The Batmobile hits the streets!

Here we have it folks. THE BATMOBILE has been revealed by Matt Reeves. It’s not a tank, it looks more like an American Muscle roaring down the streets. A far cry from the previous two iterations on the big screen, this has a more modern Batman ‘66 feel to mixed with a little Knight Rider Kitt vibe as well.

Again, this is Batman’s earlier years as the Caped Crusader, we can expect that not only his suit will be upgraded throughout the Reeve’s trilogy, but the Batmobile will probably see some changes as well. Even if it doesn’t, this look appropriate to what we’ve been seeing and sets itself apart from the others.

How do you feel about this look so far? Drop your comments below!

The Batman is directed by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson as Batman. Scheduled to hit theaters June 25th, 2021.

2 thoughts on “Matt Reeves Drops First Look Of ‘The Batmobile’

  1. The tank version was my fave, but it’s cool to see it go back to the old school style. I can get down with this.

  2. I had no clue the cultured nerd broke news? Saw this before it hit Instagram, awesome! Also, this might be the end all be all of batmobiles… wow.

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