1977’s “The Incredible Hulk” Star Lou Ferrigno Expresses Disappointment with MCU Hulk

Source: IMDb

Lou Ferrigno starred in the 1977 television show The Incredible Hulk as Marvel’s strongest, green giant. According to comments made to FabTV, Ferrigno is apparently not particularly happy with the way Marvel Studios has brought Hulk to life using CGI on Mark Ruffalo. Check out his comments below:

“Today you got all this CGI and everything. I don’t know what direction the Hulk is going. That’s why a lot of people go back, they refer back to the series because it’s more organic, more authentic.”

Source: IMDb

Elaborating further on his opinion, Ferrigno claimed that the Hulk “needs to be hideous” and that “it needs to be a creature. They’ve taken away the chemistry.” Despite complimenting Ruffalo as a “wonderful actor”, it seems that Lou is not happy whatsoever with the way Marvel Studios has handled some of its recent movies, especially Avengers Endgame. Commenting on one of the largest comic book movies ever made, the actor expressed disappointment with it because it was “extreme with the spaceships, the shooting, the outer space.”

Despite controversy over Hulk’s portrayal in Endgame, Marvel Studios could still use Ruffalo’s version of the character in future properties such as Disney+’s She-Hulk.

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