Zack Snyder fully confirms his cut of “Justice League” is real

One photo puts to bed the argument of Snyder Cut naysayers.

Zack Synder took to Vero to make clear his stance and, in fact, the entire argument around both the #releasethesnydercut campaign and all of the people, who in the two years since the theatrical release of Justice League have stated that a version of the film bearing Snyder’s true filmmaking style did not exist, let alone that it would be fought for by many, many people from Zack himself to Gal Gadot to comic artist Rob Liefeld.

As The Cultured Nerd Instagram post showing Zack’s Vero picture explains; a movie is only put into this format when it is locked for editing which means that although there may be some VFX shots to finish, he does have a cut. This cut is shown at 214 minutes.

It is clear that Zack Snyder wants everyone to understand that he does have a cut of his own, and that anyone who says otherwise is woefully uninformed and just wishing to stir things up, most likely for views or clicks.


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