HBO Max and Disney+ Could Spell Doom for Netflix

Source: Variety

According to a study by The Wall Street Journal, the arrival of HBO Max and Disney+ to the streaming wars could strike some blows to streaming pioneer Netflix.

The study involved a survey of around 2000 people of which 30% said they will likely cancel their subscription to the service in favor for other services. Almost half said they’d sign up for Disney+($6.99 a month), 41% said they’d sign up for either HBO Max ($14.99) or Apple TV+ ($4.99), and only 38% saying they’d sign up for NBC’s Peacock.

The sudden turn of opinion against Netflix could be due to shows such as The Office and Parks and Recreation leaving the streaming giant for Peacock, and Friends eventually moving over to HBO Max.

Disney+ launches November 12, Peacock launches April 2020, and HBO Max debuts May 2020.

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