[Review] “Joker” *Spoiler Free*

I was fortunate enough to be invited to see an early screening of Joker last week and I am still overwhelmed. I wanted to take a moment to share a quick, spoiler-free, advanced review of Joker ahead of its official release this weekend.

The people of Gotham City are in a mist of a garbage strike. The city is falling apart and quickly becoming a living hell with garbage pilling up in the streets, resulting in a new breed of disgusting super rats to roam the streets. Divided by upper class and lower class, the rich get richer and the poor struggle to survive.

The people of Gotham are angry.

Arthur Fleck spends his days as a clown for hire while spending his nights as an aspiring comedian. He is a simple man who spends his time trying to make people smile. But Arthur has a history of mental illness and has a disorder that makes him laugh uncontrollably. Without giving away too much, unfortunate circumstances cause Arthur to begin falling in a downward spiral that is fueled by the unkindness of others.

Joaquin Phoenix performance was dark, frightening and absolutely remarkable. Everyone in the cast shined, but Phoenix is obviously the biggest take away. Beautifully well done twisted character case study, deserves all the awards and accolades it will inevitably receive. Joker will be a film that will get people talking, Joker is simply a masterpiece


Directed by Todd Phillips, Starring Joaquin Phoenix, JOKER hits theaters Friday.

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