[TCNs Weekly Rumor Roundup] 2015 Week 10


Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of TCN’s Weekly Rumor Roundup. As with every week, TCN will review the rumors that have hit the web that were brought to you by the official Twitter account of TCN’s Editor-In-Chief Taylor Murphy.

Now that Taylor is no longer sick, he was able to get back into the fray. This time however, he sparked up a few conversations with fans as well as infamous twitter tweeter Roger Wardell, which (if you know who that is) led to some spoiler filled tweets.

Without further ado, lets see what Taylor posted this week:


Marvel/Sony’s Spider-Man

  • Sounds like Drew Goddard is writing and directing “The Spectacular Spider-Man ” for Sony. The film will scrap plans for Sinister Six
  • Rumors also point to Doc Ock being the main villain for the film
  • Plus as a shock, they are saying Iron Man will also cameo. He will arrive like Fury did in IM2, to test/interview him for the Avengers.
  • This new film will also set up Spider-Man vs The Sinister Six, with Doc Ock going first, and then gaining out to set up a team of his own
  • Spider-Man appearing in Civil War will also help set up the characters relationship with Iron Man.
  • But remember, nothing official with Drew Goddard has been announced. The meeting is still in the process of happening.
  • Some rumors are floating around that Dylan O’Brien has been cast as the new SPIDER-MAN.
    • TL:  It could always be worse. The kid is a decent actor, & it dispels the rumor that they were going to make Peter Parker black.
    •  thats fair it just seems like a big leap from a tv show like teen wolf
    • TL: He was also in The Internship and The Maze Runner. TV Show aside, he has already started to make his way into films.
    • : i didnt even think about that
    • TL:  I watched The Maze Runner with my kids the other night to see if it was a good match. Personally I think he can make it work.
    •  i guess we’ll see ..
  • So for those of you who think the Spider-Man casting rumor is debunked, think Jason Momoa.
  • Just because an actor says “I haven’t heard anything” doesn’t mean that’s what’s really happening.

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civil war

Captain America: Civil War

  • Hawkeye is confirmed for Captain America: Civil War


Marvel’s AGENTS Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • The girl In the flower dress…


STAR WARS Ep VII: The Force Awakens

  • Fans should also expect a Lando cameo in STAR WARS episode VII
  • The next trailer for STAR WARS Ep VII will feature the original cast and give a new insight in the films story.


He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe

  • Looks like we have our first look at He-Man’s Battle Cat.battle cat

Well thank you all for joining us for another Weekly Rumor Roundup. If you don’t feel like waiting until next Friday/Saturday, be sure to check out Taylor’s Twitter and follow him here.