Kickstarter for “Token” has one of the best pledge videos we’ve ever seen!


Kickstarter always has new stuff to check out: great games to back, inventions to support, and movies to fund. The platform allows projects to make it out into the world with the help of a ready built fan base. In order to succeed, they have to be smart, unique, and having a well crafted video doesn’t hurt any. That’s why I’m scratching my head at why Token is not on track to successfully complete.

At first glance, Token might look like a typical slacker comedy, in the same vein as Workaholics. A group of wacky 20-somethings go about their day-to-day in Orange County pursuing acting careers, each one a neurotic mess in their own special way. The gimmick behind Token is that they make the group’s “Token black friend” the show’s main focus, while the three white guys play supporting characters as they explore what it’s like to be typecast in a specific role.

While that description alone isn’t enough to get me to back the project, their Kickstarter video made me immediately pull out my wallet. Rather than the project heads talking into the camera, asking us for money, the video takes the opportunity to introduce us to the characters, display some clever writing, and still be informative about the project’s needs. It’s incredibly clever, and shows us what to expect if/when the project gets the backing it needs.

I’ll be honest, this is probably one of the best Kickstarter videos I’ve seen, which I can confidently say without hyperbole as I’ve been in one (it was surprisingly unsuccessful). If the end product is as slick as this promotional video, then your money will be well spent. The show looks to have a fun nerdy vibe, and the token white characters all sound like someone I met in college. It would be a real shame if we never got to see this show, so please, back this project!

Click here to visit and back the Kickstarter for Token!