Chevrons are locked for Stargate Reboot from Roland Emmerich!


You heard me right, Roland Emmerich will be returning to Stargate, a film that spun off into three separate TV Series and two made for TV movies. That’s a successful franchise, by anyone’s reckoning, so it’s no surprise Hollywood wants this to be rebooted. However, it’s not very often that we get the original director back in the saddle to reboot his own film. Hollywood Reporter says Emmerich will be joined by the writing team of Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods, who worked with Emmerich on the Independence Day 2 script. Fox seems pretty excited by the news, and the studio is so confident in the success of Stargate that they’re set to make it the first of a trilogy.

stargate54Stargate is the sci-fi film about a military expedition to an alien world starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. Traveling through a circular portal, the team discovers a human settlement enslaved by aliens posing as Egyptian gods. The various TV series expanded on this universe, adding new characters, other pantheons, and different alien races. No word yet on if Emmerich will be taking the “expanded universe” into account, or if this will reboot the series completely.

I always enjoyed the Stargate franchise growing up, despite it’s Sci-Fi Channel cheese. The story of modern military forces going toe to toe against advanced alien beings set it apart from the only sci-fi I had access to at the time: Star Trek. As Emmerich is now known for his love of destroying cities in the most spectacular fashion imaginable, I get the feeling the flavor of Stargate will change in this new adaptation. I just hope it’s not too much.