**UPDATE** [Rumor] Spider-Man returns to Marvel and Joins The MCU; Will appear in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1



If this is true, this is a big day for Comic fans. Earlier today a report from Latino-Review hit and within moments set the internet ablaze, Disney and Sony have struck a deal, Spider-Man has return to Marvel.

While as of this moment the details are still scarce, but it does seem that Disney/Marvel will indeed be a part of the characters recast, and he will first appear in Marvel’s AVENGERS: The Infinity War Part 1.

Here is more from their report:

You might have seen referenced a supposed “leaked” series of e-mails outlining a Spider-Man Summit where Sony and Marvel agree to share Spider-Man and put him in Civil War so they can lead into “Amazing Vs. Spider-Man” which would feature Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

This, of course, is all fabricated. Garfield will not be part of any future Spider-Man deal and I’m CERTAIN Tobey Maguire is allowed to have thoughts of his own that allow him to turn down coming back to Spider-Man. I have no doubt he would. He is old.

They then tread into some heavy Marvel Phase 3 spoilers, then get to the big part:

Spider-Man IS in this movie, the Sony deal went through.

I don’t have the exact details nor a paper trail, but I’m told we’ll see an MCU Spider-Man in Infinity Wars Part 1, as that was the next logical place to insert him after they missed the window to logically include him in Civil War.

They end with indicating that they still don’t know the fate of next years Spider-Man Spin-off The Sinister Six, but will update again when they have more.

So what do you think? Is it too good to be true or just another rumor that has no real backing. Hopefully its not the latter because fans clearly want Spider-Man to appear with the rest of The Avengers. Now if they could only get Fox to play ball as well….

Avengers: The Infinity War Part 1 is set for a May 4th, 2018 release date.



The site Comic Book Resources is now reporting that Sony has denied this report as a flat out rumor.

” When reached by CBR News, a Sony Pictures representative dismissed the report, calling it an “old rumor” with “no validity whatsoever.”

While no other site as of yet has corroborated this, it still leaves it as “possible,” but at this moment the rumor does look to be squashed.