You might be a Gamer if… [2015 edition]


2015 will bring in a lot of anticipated next-gen titles to gamers like “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” (tentative July 2015), “Batman: Arkham Knight” (June 2nd, 2015), and “The Order: 1886” (February 20th, 2015).

But like Confucius says “Before one can can truly enjoy game; game inside oneself must be admitted” (He didn’t really say that).

If you agree to a few of the following statements, then you can be allowed to truly call yourself a gamer, and finally let your gamer freak flag fly proudly:


  • If the term “Matchmaking” doesn’t say ‘I build sticks that make fire’ or ‘I set up my friends with my other friends (so it can be awkward later)”… you might be a gamer.
  • If you are an adult, and own one or more ‘figurines’ representing a video game character… you might be a gamer.
  • If the term “Steam” doesn’t tell you that you’ve left the shower running for too long when it’s cold… you might be a gamer.
  • If you feel that “owned” does not mean an item that you’ve held dearly for a long time and then sold… you might be a gamer.
  • If “Bungie” doesn’t mean the difference between life and death above a shallow creek or ravine… you might be a gamer.
  • If “NaughtyDog” isn’t just simply a taunt that you use to punish your family canine… you might be a gamer.
  • If you can only pick between charging either your dying cellular telephone, or your dying controller; and you choose the controller… you might be a gamer.
  • -If you put on a headset at work, and immediately want to talk trash to the person on the other end of the line… you might be a gamer.
  • If you hear the word ‘teabag’ when used to refer to an actual ‘bag of tea’ and you still chuckle… you might be a gamer.
  • If you constantly see a ‘life bar’ and ‘activity meter’ in the upper right hand corner of your vision… you might be suffering a mental break, anddd you shouldn’t be reading this and getting medical attention right away!


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

Have a great New Year!