Destiny’s Iron Banner event feeling weak? Bungie explains why


A few days ago, Bungie rolled out their new “IRON BANNER” event on their widely popular new game Destiny. Toting itself as a roughnecked hardhitting pvp deathmatch, fans have found it being quite the opposite.

On its initial start up, fans found that the rate of level up was quick, the battles were short, and you could gain all the experience needed to obtain these legendary weapons and armor by simple circumstance and sheer dumb luck.

So why would this be?

In the most recent Destiny weekly update, Bungie senior designer Derek Carroll revealed:

“Our solution to add power back into the mix and keep the Crucible from turning into a ghost town is to scale it down to a reasonable level, and clamp damage on the ‘overkill’ end,” writes Carroll. “A decked-out endgame Guardian can’t defeat a low-level guardian with one shot from an Auto-Rifle. In fact, ‘time-to-kill’ is the same when you’re using higher-level gear against lower-level gear. The opposite is not true, so an enemy with average weapons is going to have a harder time taking you out.”

So in layman’s terms, the Iron Banner is weak so they could appease low level players. Bungie promised a fierce PVP and instead implemented their own “no child left behind” system.

The Iron Banner is currently still in effect and is set to run from Oct 7th to Oct 14th.