Sony’s New Z3 Smartphone Features PlayStation 4 Remote Play


The world of gaming is changing every day, and some would argue that mobile gaming is the way of the future. Unlike most companies who focus on mobile apps, Sony is trying to pave the way for a different experience, which is what brought about their PlayStation Now and Remote Play features.

While up until this point, Remote play has been a feature that has given PSVita owners the ability to play their PS4 games on the go, Sony has now revealed that their new Z3 smartphone will have complete PlayStation integration and allow you to utalize this coveted remote play feature.

The new Z3 is going to be a part of a new line of mobile devices coming out of Sony, all with the feature of PlayStation 4 remote play being front and center.
Sony revealed that to use Remote Play on the Z3 phone you’ll need a DualShock 4 controller, PSN account, and have both the console and your phone on the same wi-fi network. In short, it will have the same requirements the PSVita has.

Bottom line, it looks like with this feature, coupled with PlayStation Now, is going to definitely set this device apart from others on the market and once again reiterates Sony’s desire to be key in every gamer’s life.