[Rumor] DC plans to pit Brainiac as the primary foe in their live-action JUSTICE LEAGUE film


For years now, everyone was positive that Darksied was going to be the big bad of DC’s eventual Justice League film, but thanks to a new rumor from Latino-Review we now are being told that its going to be Brainiac instead.

“Now that Chris Terrio is writing Justice League the HOT RUMOR around town is that BRANIAC will in fact be the bad guy in the upcoming Justice League movie.”

While they go on to advise checking out their weekly podcast to hear more details, the sum of their info is that Brainiac is the key player, rumors still imply that Darksied will still pop up as a mastermind, very similar to what Marvel has done with Thanos.

In the comics, Brainiac is often seen as a kryptonian super computer that sometimes finds its physical form due to being merged with an organic lifeform. While the origins often vary, the motives are almost always the same. Preserve the culture of the planet he visits and then leave it in ashes. Most often the character destroys the planet himself, while others indicate that he shows up as the planet is dying and just takes what he will.

This character, and his army of robotic collector drones would easily make a cool visual for the JL to fight, but some are stating that its far too similar of a concept to what Marvel is doing with Age of Ultron.

Only time will tell if this rumor is true, or if once again rumors stemming from Marvel’s plans are being spread as DC’s.