[TCN Guest Submission] Raiden Confirmed for Mortal Kombat X


Written By: Thomas Nguyen

After hints such as “I stand watch for eternity,” Raiden was announced as the new MKX character in a recent EVO reveal. The Thunder God was the main protagonist of the last MK and it was no surprise that he would make it to this game. The video that displayed his three variations showed off his new playstyle and his new design.

Just to recap, ‘variations’ is the new system in MKX. Each character has universal moves between three variations, but each variation will have a unique play style between them. In the case of Raiden, his variations are Thunder God, Displacer and Storm Lord.


Thunder God shows off lengthy combos that are amazing to watch, but devastating to whomever is on the other end. The variation adds thunder to his hands and a few thunder type moves that serve as enders to his combo strings.

Displacer (My favorite variation) has Raiden focus on his teleportation abilities. Raiden’s electricity surges around his body with this variation. Raiden is known for being slippery in fights and is able to keep opponents on their toes. Displacer does exactly that and adds the ability to teleport after every so hit. This creates a mind game type battle and a limitless cross up game.

Storm Lord turns his conical straw hat blue and allows him to throw out thunder beads for zoning purposes. He can ignite these beads through a move and when ignited, they path together making a small thunder wall. This opens up his keep away and zoning game.

What I mean by 'Toki' style
What I mean by ‘Toki’ style

His new x-ray has him blast thunder out of his hands sideways (Toki style), teleports to the opponent, deliver a side kick to the head, shocks them and teleports in front to bust their stomach with his fist. To finish it all off, his new fatality has him shocking the opponent’s head until their eyeballs pop out, launches their dismembered head into the air and thunder blasts it until it explodes.

The question is of the matter is this; After MK9, how will Raiden fix things? How will he make everything right after royally messing Earthrealm up? Who will be his new warrior since Liu Kang is presumably dead?

Stay tuned for more MKX news! Watch the reveal trailer below.

[youtube id=”_4aQzebdHv4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]