Locke and Key film adaptation picks up new writer


After a long silence, Universal’s Locke and Key has picked up a new writer, Albert Torres, proving the project is alive and well. Largely untested, Torres wrote the critically panned 2008 Luke Wilson vehicle Henry Poole is here, and seems like a surprising choice for producers Roberto Orci and Alec Kurtzman. However, it seems that Torres may be a name to watch. He is also credited with as yet unreleased projects including Warner Bros’ Akira, Paramount’s Hyde an untitled Ben 10 movie.

Orci and Kurtzman created the critically lauded and criminally unreleased pilot episode of the Eisner award winning Locke and Key for Fox in 2011. In the meantime, the pair has kept busy, producing such titles as The Amazing Spider-man 2, Star Trek Into Darkness, and another Fox series, Sleepy Hollow.

It’s hopeful that the duo will be able to finally bring the series to life for a new audience, though we’re likely a long way off from seeing their vision in theaters. Without a script, fans will have to wait quite a while for any solid news. However, rumors are circulating that Universal is planning to turn the franchise into a trilogy, effectively spanning the epic saga of the series.

Written by Joe Hill, Locke and Key tells the story of the Locke children returning to their ancestral home in Lovecraft, Mass. There they discover a plethora of magical keys and accidentally unleash an ancient evil residing in the house. Using the keys, they must unravel a mystery spanning to the American Revolution in order to save their home, their lives, and the whole world from the evil lurking in Key House.