StarCraft 2 Get’s A Fresh RPG Mod

starcraft2We’ve all seen what people are capable of creating using the StarCraft 2’s Galaxy Editor, a tool that is used to create new maps and mini-games. This modder however, has taken it to an entirely new playing field. Greythepirate has created a turn based RPG for StarCraft 2 that he calls “Rogue Star.”

The mod features many aspects one would expect from an RPG in today’s gaming world. In the video below you will see the character attack, level up, and acquire new gear.

The game itself looks very smooth. The audio tracks are aligned and change based on what you are currently doing with your character. Be on the lookout for new maps and game types to be released from this already impressive mod.

Arcade Links (in

  • NA: starcraft://map/1/236922
  • EU: starcraft://map/2/165083
  • SEA: starcraft://map/6/21877
  • KR/TW: starcraft://map/3/84305