Zombieland Director for Ghostbusters 3 Maybe?

0-ghostbusters3-horzSony is still pushing forward with their plans to add another film to the Ghostbusters franchise. While they are still shopping for a director for the sequel/reboot of the 80s classic, yet another name has been dropped. According to “The Wrap“, Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer may be in line to head the project. His work on both Zombieland and 30 minutes or Less shows that he may bring the right comedic scope to the film. Some are also hoping that something will come along with his relationship to Bill Murray. This, I feel is nothing but a long shot dream of some fans. Murray has never been invested in returning to the role. I doubt that we would ever see him again reprising his role as Peter Venkman.

Right now this is a rumor and has not been confirmed. Fleischer recently had a baby, which could make him pass on a project with such a high time commitment. Since Sony announced this film we have seen it passed over by a few directors, so, seeing one more would not be out of the realm of possibility. But again, Ghostbusters fans are grasping at straws and hoping for any news of this films fate. I have said several times that my hope is that this film dies in production and nothing has moved me to change that mindset.