Is Jason Momoa actually playing Aquaman?


Recently news broke that actor Jason Momoa was allegedly cast as Aquaman. While the news spread like wildfire, the lack of any confirmation from either DC or WB left many wondering if this news was true due to this particular rumors spotty history.

Over the last year or so, Jason Momoa’s name has been dropped and rumored countless times for a role in Batman V Superman, (for the rumors here, here, and here. For the denials click here and here) but after each rumor he has commented and denied them, one time even telling MTV that if he got the role the interviewer could “punch [him] in the face.”

So what changed? Was Momoa actually lying about the casting this entire time? Or, is the new rumored casting just another bogus report?

Almost immedietely after the casting went live, Momoa posted the following image to his Instagram account:

The internet flocked to this post like a moth to the flame, all claiming that because Aquaman uses a trident, and Momoa is holding a pitchfork, this is the actor confirming the casting.

Jumping to that conclusion is ludicrous.

The picture itself is titled “Stella, Diablo, and me.” With he reference to “Stella” is towards his gutair, “Diablo” referring to the pitch fork, and the “me” obviously pointing at himself, the post makes no reference to any DC character.

While its possible that the casting COULD be true, the casting had not be revealed in ANY official capacity. However, there is one thing that is for sure its likely that if Jason Momoa is indeed cast in this film the official confirmation will be made by either DC or WB around their planned Comic Con announcement.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is currently slated for a May 6th 2016 release date.