[Rumor] The Flash & Green Lantern movie will be a TV special on The CW



Following last week’s rumor that WB is prepping a new film line up of DC Comic films to be announced at Comic Con, a new rumor has hit the web indicating that one of those films is slated to be a TV Movie.

the-flashAccording to Cosmic Book News, who are toting this reveal and an exclusive, they have confirmed by “a close source” that the rumors of a TV Movie are true and that it is none other than the alleged Flash and Green Lantern team up film on that list.

While they seemingly indicate that this is planned as a team up with Grant Gustin and whoever they cast as Hal Jordan in the role, but the TV Movie will also take place in the Arrow TV show continuity.

At this point the rumor should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt, mainly due to Cosmic Book News’s spotty track record with posting rumors as fact, its likely that if this is true an official announcement will be made soon, if not at Comic Con this July.