[Rumor] Ra’s Al Ghul to appear in Arrow season 3


For fans of the TV show Arrow this rumor may not come as a surprise. With a minor tease in season one, and then being name dropped multiple times in season two,  the possibility of Ra’s Al Ghul appearing in Arrow was growing more and more.

180835_originalA new rumor has begun to make its way across the internet that actor Oded Fehr is set to play the infamous demon’s head in the upcoming series.  While the name Oded Fehr may not immediately can someone to go “OH THAT GUY,” many would recognize him from the Mummy and Resident Evil films, and definitely could pull off the look of Ra’s Al Ghul from the comics.

So where did this rumors start? That’s the hard part, it seems every site reporting the news is claiming its from either anonymous source or they are referencing each other in its reports. While its likely that Ra’s Al Ghul would be appearing in some capacity, its quite possible that the Oded Fehr part is just a fan cast that everyone is running with.

Arrow Season 3 is currently set to air this fall on The CW.