Simon Kinberg compares the Fantastic Four reboot to Batman Begins and Iron Man


In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, writer Simon Kinberg he discussed the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, and with it, elaborated on  Josh Trank’s vision for the Fantastic Four reboot, in so doing he used those heavily overused buss words “grounded, real, gritty.”

The tone of this movie will feel as unique as when you saw Iron Man, X-Men, or Batman Begins for the first time. It’s not as goofy as the first movies; it has humor in it, but the humor is much more real and comes from character, not pratfall jokes. It’s a much more dramatic film than it is a comedy. I would say it falls somewhere between Raimi’s first couple of Spider-Man movies and Chronicle.

He also talked about casting Michael B. Jordan and how he’s been doing on set:

We knew casting an African-American Human Torch would be news, but I can tell you it’s something that Stan Lee loves, and I can also tell you that having been on set and seeing Michael bring him to life, he’s really spectacular. He’s doing something really cool with the character that I think will become the iconic Johnny Storm.

While its commendable that the writer has such faith in the film, with the film being constantly struck with harsh criticism by fans its likely that it will be one of those films that ends up being accepted by the “main stream moviegoer” but hated amongst fans.

Fantastic Four is set to release June 19th 2015.