Drinking Quest: The Drinking RPG


I picked up a little card game at Emerald City Comic Con this year titled “Drinking Quest.” A fun little fantasy game with plenty of booze-related references and prompts to drink, this is an enjoyable game for a small group. For those familiar with table top RPGs, you’ll notice familiar aspects, including dice, character sheets, and saving throws.The premise is simple – gather one to three friends, and venture off into the realm to protect your hometown of Tippler’s Hollow. . You can choose from four pre-set characters; including a witch, scoundrel, berserker, and “bar room hero,” all with booze-themed names and stats. The goal of the game is to finish the journey with the most experience points.

Once your characters are established, you’ll begin the first of the four quests included in the game. Each quest is played by drawing cards and facing random monsters one-on-one. As you defeat monsters or stumble upon hapless citizens in need of aid, you gain gold for purchasing stronger armor and better weapons. If you die “Time to chug!” Like most RPGs, fighting involves some good old-fashioned dice rolling, paired with your character’s statistics. You’ll encounter ice monsters, goblins, ogres, dragons, and other monstrous beasties throughout three different environments. The game took about two hours for my friends and I to play through all four included quests. We didn’t end up drinking very much, though; once you level up your armor, dying doesn’t happen very often.

While this isn’t the game to play if your intent is to be passed out by the end of the night, you’ll encounter some good ol’ fun and shenanigans. While I currently own only the first game (soon to change), you can purchase it or any of its sequels here: http://drinkingquest.com/