Disney Confirms Three ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Offs


Disney CEO Robert Iger revealed that the studio plans to release at least three Star Wars spin-off movies according to Ben Fritz, a journalist covering Disney.

Even though Episode VII hasn’t hit theaters yet (December 18th, 2015), we should expect to see the first of three spin-offs in 2016. Iger released this information recently during a shareholder meeting.

With the news of 3 spin-offs being made from Episodes 7, 8 and 9, rumors have spread that Boba Fett and Han Solo will be a focus point for one of the films. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are the writers for the three ‘coming soon’ spin-offs.

More exciting news coming from Disney and Star wars recently as the cast for Episode VII was recently announced which included a few original cast members such as Harrison Ford, Mark Hammill and Carrie Fisher. The question now is, with Han Solo and Boba Fett potentially being a main focus of one of the spin-off movies, who will play the young Han Solo? Does anyone else think Dave Franco might just have the perfect amount of smugness to play the Smuggler?