BioShock Movie to Be Revitalized?


With recent movements made by Sony Pictures, it sure looks that way. Sony Pictures has now registered,, and

As some may recall, several years ago, a BioShock film was in production with Universal Studios. To the dismay of the video games fans, Verbinski, who is widely known for his hand in Pirates of the Caribbean, abandoned ship on the BioShock movie. Ken Levine (creator of BioShock) completely pulled out of the production due to creative differences with the new director.

With Sony Pictures possibly taking over with the production, gamers might finally see the movie come to life on the big screen. Levine’s vision for the film was very dark, which might have led to Universal Pictures’ back out. After the financial flop of the movie “Watchmen”, Levine believes the budget of $200 million may have been too intimidating for the company to invest in.

With the recent blow out success of BioShock Infinity, the introduction of Sony Pictures could be the moment this film was waiting for.