Alternate Amazing Spider-Man Costumes Revealed


Like any long-standing comicbook superhero, Spider-Man has been through his fair share of costume changes. We’ve seen alternate universe options like Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noir, the awesome Future Foundation monochrome outfit, costumes with upgraded tech like the ‘Big Time’ costume line and the Iron Spidey outfit, and of course the all-important Symbiote outfit.

Almost as many costumes as the Wasp.

So should we really have been surprised to see a new costume in the Spider-Man movie reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man?

Well, Sam Raimi was content to stick with an outfit fairly close to Spider-Man’s classic costume, but Marc Webb evidently wanted a different approach. Apparently, there were four different versions of the costume that could have shown up in the movie. Check out the ones that didn’t make the cut below:

alternatespidey_3 alternatespidey_2 alternatespidey_1

I’m glad they stuck with the red/blue color scheme at least. I’m not too sure about the eyepieces on the second one, but I kind of like the third outfit. Do you think any of these should have been in the movie instead of the one that made it? Or do you think they should have stuck as close to the original as possible? Let us know in the comments below!