Bradley Cooper is officially Rocket Racoon for the Guardians Of The Galaxy

Rocket-Racoon-Bradley-Cooper1After weeks of rumors and speculation, it was officially revealed that actor Bradley Cooper would be officially playing the role of Rocket Raccoon in the upcoming Marvel Phase 2 film Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Cooper is the latest addition to the already star studded cast:

Chris Pratt – Peter Quill / Star-Lord
Vin Diesel – Groot
Zoe Saldana – Gamora
Bradley Cooper – Rocket Raccoon
Karen Gillan – Nebula
Lee Pace – Ronan the Accuser
Dave Bautista – Drax the Destroyer
Benicio Del Toro – The Collector
Michael Rooker – Yondu
John C. Reilly – Rhomann Dey
Glenn Close – Nova Prime
Djimon Hounsou – Korath the Pursuer

At the point, from casts alone, Guardians Of The Galaxy is shaping up to be one of the biggest Marvel Films to date, and already from the test footage looks amazing.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is set to be released in theaters on August 1, 2014.