Rumors Fly About VR Headset to be Unveiled for PS4


The gaming news channels are abuzz right now, and definitely within reason. If the rumors are to be believed, Sony intends to announce virtual reality headset accessory for it’s next-gen PlayStation. A game developer, who remains anonymous, gave the info to CVG earlier today. Since then, the news has gained strong momentum. Reportedly, Sony plans to unveil the device at the Tokyo Game Show later this month.

It seems that this gaming peripheral will be in almost direct competition to the Oculus Rift, which launched it’s Kickstarter campaign in August of last year, and is now available for pre-order. The Oculus Rift already has a number of big-name developers who say they’ll have games that will support the VR headset, so it looks like Sony will have some catching up to do if it plans to overtake the winner of the E3 Game Critics Award for Best Hardware/Peripheral.

As of yet, these are still rumors. There has been no official word on the matter from Sony or any representative.