Wes Bentley is Nolan’s pick for the Next Batman?



The team over at Nukethefridge claim to uncovered Chris Nolan’s top pick for the rebooted Batman in the upcoming Batman/Superman film which many are simply referring to as Worlds Finest.

The site goes on to elaborate that:

According to “Internet sources” Christopher Nolan has recommended American actor Wes Bentley to playBatman in the Man Of Steel sequel.

While right now one of the most prominent rumors seemed to imply that the next Batman would be slightly “older” than Superman, which helped throw names like John Hamm and Josh Brolin into the mix, the idea of a Batman that is not only Younger than the past incarnation, but closer in age to Man Of Steel’s Superman would seem to give fans much more of the desired relationship between the two, that is trusted friends.

I for one wouldn’t at all be upset with this casting. Not only does he have the Comic Bruce Wayne look about him already, but he is one hell of an actor.

For now, this is just another name to the long list of Rumors, and hopefully that list will be shorted out soon with some real confirmation.