Zack Snyder Says Superman Is American, But Will Likely be a “Global” hero In Man Of Steel 2



In a recent conversation with Francine Stock on this past week’s BBC Radio 4 Film Program, Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder revealed that although Superman is a born and bred American hero as he was depicted in Man Of Steel, its likely that he will have to “go global” in the sequel.

Francine Stock: I’ll tell you something about General Zod. General Zod gets globalization, doesn’t he? Because when he arrives on Earth he sends out his message in all the languages of the world, so it is a sort of United Colors of Benetton kind of thing, “It’s all over” … but Superman, he’s just for America.

Zack Snyder: Yeah. 100%… that was always a thing that would be in the evolution of Superman. He has no choice but to become global.

F.Stock: That would be the sequel.

Z.Snyder: Knock on wood. That literally has to happen. But for me I was really interested in – and maybe it’s because Barack Obama’s president now – it’s okay for Superman to be American. He’s quintessentially an American creature and creation. I wanted to pay homage to the superhero as coming from the heartland of America, and the “Why?” of that. I was really interested in just how American he was, and I think in the best possible way, the Kevin Costner cornfield kind of way. Which is why I really wanted Kevin and Diane Lane to play those parts [Ma and Pa Kent] because they really represent a believable America but an America that is also… we do it in the most realistic way we can but still all of the icons are very much represented in a way that I don’t know exists for real. But you want it to. Like a Norman Rockwell documentary… handheld Norman Rockwell.

While it is likely that this indeed will be in the sequel, its not clear to what extent the character will end going up in terms of going global. It would obviously be a bad move for Snyder to jump into making Superman renounce his citizenship like he did in Superman #900 as to show that he is protecting all of mankind, but rather giving audiences a Superman that is willing to save and protect everyone.

Naturally this conversation has created a whole slew of questions, but with this mornings news about potentially getting Man Of Steel 2 as early as next year, its possible we just may have the answers to these questions much sooner than anyone is expecting.