WB Planning A MAN OF STEEL Sequel To Hit As Early As Next year?


In a recent post by the The Wall Street Journal addressing the recent box office success of the recently released film, Man Of Steel, a potential clue on the time frame of when we can expect the sequel has hit the web… and with it has seemingly started a fire with the idea that the sequel is being planned for release as early as 2014.

“Warner is already in development on a sequel to “Man of Steel” and is expected to fast track that for release as soon as 2014, said knowledgeable people close to the studio.

In addition, it has long been developing a “Justice League” team-up movie featuring characters such as the Flash and Wonder Woman that could come out as soon as 2015.”

While obviously this could be simply speculation, but for such a reputable source its highly unlikely that its just that. But for those who don’t understand the gravity of this, it would imply that not only would Man Of Steel 2 have to begin production and even filming by the end of the summer, but casting and contracts for such high profile characters such as Green Lantern, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and even Batman would have to be made very quickly.

In the end, only time will tell what is really going to happen. Obviously Man Of Steel has only been in theaters a few days, so it may be a little premature for DC/WB to be preparing their next move.