[E3 2013] Tom Clancy’s : The Division – Oh yeah, be excited

Division_Teaser (1)Yesterday during Ubisoft’s portion of E3, some pretty fantastic titles were released unto the masses. With familiar titles we all know and love such as : Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and Rayman. They even unveiled some new titles as wel!l : The Crew, Watch Dogs, and The mighty quest for epic loot. The game that caught my eye was the bombshell they drop on us at the end. The Division.

Written by Tom Clancy, The Division takes place in New York in the very near future.  A world wide pandemic brought on by terrorists has engulfed mankind of a global scale. You are dropped into an open world as a cooperative team of self supporting tactical agents – looting, shooting, and just surviving the madness from worst black Friday ever. If you open world, third person, tactical RPG’s aren’t reeeeallly your thing, then no. You wont enjoy this. However! If it’s something that’s relevant to your interests, check out the game play trailer and prepare yourself for the magnificent world that is “The Division”

The Division is set to release for the Xbox One and Play Station 4 sometime in 2014.

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Happy Gaming!