[E3 2013] Destiny


Bungie has brought out the big guns this year at E3. Their newest game, Destiny, is a FPS role-playing game, set in a huge open world with an unpredictable environment.  This always online game has incorporated MMO elements, while not actually being classified as such. Lets take a looksie at what this game is.

Set 700 hundred years in a post apocalyptic future, the Golden Age, a time for technological advancement, exploration, and peace, has ended. “The collapse” a dark period where wide spread colonies have been mysteriously fallen, the only known survivors are those on Earth who were saved my a celestial being known simply as ” The Traveler”. This mighty being floats above the last remaining city and has allowed a select few to be known as the Guardians of the City, some high powered defenders to protect whats left of man kind. Naturally, strange alien races have been invading making human survival much more of a challenge. Your goal? Become an upstanding member of a once great society, get a high paying  job, marry a hot colonist, and try and re-populate your dying species. I’m kidding! Of course you play as a Guardian! It’s your duty to not only protect this city, but delve into whats really going with these anti-human troublemakers.

The Guardians of the City:

Here you will be divided by 3 races: Awoken, Exo, and of course, good ol’ humans. On top pf your own race, you get outfitted with a class: Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans.


The Awoken are glorious Angel like creatures. Beautiful, exotic, and mysterious.

The Exo I guess were inspired by the undead. Very mechanical, while sinister and tireless.

The Humans are inspired by military and action heroes. Being tough and uncomplicated, you know what to expect with this race.


The Hunter is a bounty hunter designed for recon type play. Known for their speed and strength, these bad boys were once outlaws, now doing what they can for humanity while  making moolah from it.

The Warlock is a Mage-like character combining powers granted from the traveler, with  sweet sweet weapons. The Warlocks have studies the traveler to the point where they are able to harness its great power.

The Titan, a merciless being that specializes in heavy weaponry and badassery. Clad in brilliant armor, the Titans once guarded the wall and gave even their lives to protect what needed protecting. The people.

What combo will you choose? My Exo Hunter will surely be defending the city come 2014.

No specific date unfortunately, just the year 2014. Being released on PS 3, PS 4, X BoX 360, and X Box One, you’ll have plenty of options. See you on the battlefield!