General Zod has been revealed as the 4th DLC character in INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us


In a move that seems fairly predictable given the release of Man Of Steel tomorrow, the 4th DLC character for the highly popular game INJUSTICE: Gods Among US, has been revealed as General Zod, one of Superman’s popular rogues.

The reveal was made on Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show last night, and the this morning was revealed on twitter and facebook.

Zod is coming to Injustice as the fourth playable DLC Character.

How’d Superman’s enemy fare on Conan last night?

With all 4 DLC characters now revealed its leaving many to wonder if this is it for the game or if more are planned. Obviously the highly requested characters of Martian Manhunter, DR Fate, and Jason Todd’s RED HOOD are all missing, leaving fans in a slight uproar at the possibility that this is the final DLC character. Only time will tell if more are in the works.

INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us is available on PS3, XBOX 360, and Wii U.