Expecting Alan Wake 2 anytime soon? You may be disappointed

Alan Wake. For fans of the game no introduction is required, for the rest, think a twisted love-child between LOST, Twin Peaks, and Alone in the Dark and you’ve pretty much got it.

When I first saw this game I was immediately hooked, and with its ending (and subsequent DLC) I kept hoping for more. But nothing ever came, I mean sure, we got Alan Wake: American Nightmare, but that wasnt much of a follow up, just something quick to get fans wanting more.

After an absent appearance at yesterdays XBOX ONE announcement (yes, people were expecting something from him about this game), series creator Sam Lake reached out to fans in the following video:

In short, Remedy Games’ next title won’t be a sequel to Alan Wake, BUT the team hopes to return to the property “when the time is right.”

So what does that mean? More waiting unfortunately, and maybe if the game gets a big enough cult following we may get to see the sequel the fans deserve. Sooner rather than later that is.