[COMICS] That just happened. A MAJOR DC Character just Died In JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #4


For weeks now fans knew a major death was coming in this most recent issue, so if you haven’t read it yet, or you simply don’t want to know until you do, DO NOT READ ON. Major Justice League Of America #4 spoilers are ahead.

You have been warned.



Yes, your eyes do not deceive. That’s Catwoman. One of the hands down most popular female characters in comic history just met her end in the closing pages of Justice league Of America #4.

For weeks now fans have been speculating who this mystery death would be thanks to the release of the solicitation for the 8th issue, but I for one don’t think anyone expected it to be Catwoman aka Selina Kyle of all people. Many fans are now left with more questions about what happens next, especially after the recent death of Damien Wayne fans are questioning how Batman will take this with his current decent into madness and grief.

Will Catwoman stay dead for long? Or will we see some new character step up and take the mantle of Catwoman? For now it seems this development has caused more shock and questions than anything would have seen coming.