Is WB moving ahead with JUSTICE LEAGUE With David Goyer In Line To Direct?


Its been a while since any worthwhile JUSTICE LEAGUE new hit the web. With the recent news that both Nolan and Bale are not returning for the film, it seemed like it was very likely Man Of Steel would get a sequel and Batman would be rebooted before WB got to make its JUSTICE LEAGUE film.

But maybe that assumption is where we all had it wrong.

Rumors have now hit the web thanks to AMC’s John Campea that David Goyer ,co-writer of Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY and the upcoming Superman Reboot Man Of Steel, is going to be involved in the project.¬† At first it was implied that Goyer would be possibly directing, but Campea then Tweeted again stating it was more likely for him to be writing only.

But that doesn’t mean WB/DC couldn’t convince him to change his mind.


While Goyer’s Directing career is limited to a couple episodes of Flash Forward and the wildly mediocre Blade Trinity, he has proven over the years that he definitely has what it takes to write the good stuff.

Either way, Rumors suggest that DC/WB are planning to announce some big DC Cinematic Universe plans after the release of Man Of Steel, so if that is true, we may be getting some confirmation sooner rather than later.