Disney is planning to release a new STAR WARS film every summer starting in 2015


Today at CinemaCon, Disney announced that beginning in 2015 fans will see a new Star Wars movie every summer henceforth. This eager plan is to begin with the JJ Abrams Directed STAR WARS Episode VII, then alternating between standalone “spin-off” movies and new Episodes in the core storyline.

While we’ve known for some time that Disney has been working with the idea of doing many new Star Wars films, back when they first purchased LucasFilm and revealed their plans, what we didnt know was how serious they were with their plan until today’s exceedingly optimistic statement. In short, STAR WARS sells, and Disney isn’t screwing around with this franchise.

While no details about their plans were revealed(characters, storyline or otherwise), it is now safe to assume that Disney has a plan for the future of the franchise and already have their cards lined up with everyone sworn to secrecy.