Is Microsoft Looking to revive NBC’s HEROES as Original XBOX Content?


“Well I didnt see that coming” is probably what a lot of you are thinking when you read that headline, but the rumors are suggesting that Microsoft is currently in talks to bring back the NBC television series HEROES. While the show was very hit or miss with fans (or rather, the first season was flat out amazing, and the rest was downhill) its very likely that the revival of this show will be as part of Xbox’s slate of original programming under the Xbox brand, reports TVLine.

According to TVLine’s sources, the revival of this series would actually be featuring brand new characters and stories, and without revealing any sort of continuity time line it could actually bring in heroes from the show’s original 2006 – 2010 run in the form of cameos and guest appearances.

This is coming off the heals of the announcement that Microsoft made this past February,in regards to the formation of the Los Angeles-based Xbox Entertainment Studios, a brand  new division built to create original programming and interactive content. Likely created to compete with Netflix, Hulu +,  Amazon, and many other online streaming channels in the recent trend of original content.

Personally, I’d be all for this. I loved HEROES while it was on TV and really think that after the end of its final season, it does have some lose ends to tie up. Wither or not that’s what they’re intending is up in the air, either way, it might be nice to see some of the characters we love making a come back.